Enjoy Online Video Poker at JackpotCity

Join in the fun at JackpotCity casino and enjoy online Video Poker at its best! This exciting card game attracts a huge following, and after just a single hand, it’s easy to see why.

When electronic slot machines were introduced in land-based casinos, the opportunity arose to create a poker game that could be played on a machine, including mobile casino games directly against the computer or mobile.Thus Video Poker was born. The original video versions of the game were played on cabinets much like slot games and gave players the opportunity to win real money without joining a poker table. At JackpotCity you can enjoy all that Video Poker has to offer, online.

Video Poker at its best

With the introduction of online casinos and online poker rooms, the game of poker soon became popular at dedicated online poker sites. Here players could sign up and join a poker room and play multiple sit & go games from the comfort of their own homes, from their own iPhone casino.

This was also the perfect opportunity for Video Poker to be adapted for the online casino market. Today the online version of the game has become even more popular than ever. Players from all over the world can log on to JackpotCity any time and play both in Demo Mode or for real money. Video Poker is the fast and fun way to play the classic game of poker and win big, all on your own!

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How to play Video Poker

If you have never played Video Poker online, the good news is that getting started at JackpotCity is really easy. Once you have signed up, you can start playing testing out the game in Demo Mode straight away. And if you have any question, you can always check our FAQ section.

If you want to play for real money, you can make a deposit into your JackpotCity online casino account. Online Video Poker is based on the classic game of 5 card draw. If you know the basic rules of the game, playing online is really easy to get the hang of. The game begins with the player placing their bet by done by clicking on the bet one or bet max button.

Betting in Video Poker

In Video Poker, the more you bet, the higher the payouts for a winning hand. Once the player has placed their bet, five cards will be dealt from the deck. The aim of Video Poker is to create the highest poker hand possible using the cards you have been dealt.

Because you are playing directly against the computer, winning is based purely on the hand you are holding. With classic poker, players can out bet or bluff their opponents in order to win a hand, with Video Poker this is not possible.

Creating Card Combinations

When you play online Video Poker at JackpotCity the paytable at the top of the screen will display the payouts for the various poker hand combinations. In most online Video Poker games, the minimum paying hand is a pair of Jacks or better.

Once the initial 5 cards have been dealt, players can choose to keep or discard any of their 5 cards in their hand. To keep/hold a card, players simply click on the card they want to hold. Players can then click on the deal/draw button and the dealer will replace the discarded cards with new cards from the deck.

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Minimum Paying Hands

Once the second set of cards have been dealt, the game will automatically determine whether the player has a winning hand and will pay out accordingly. In a game of Jacks or Better, the minimum paying hand is a pair of Jacks. This is followed by two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and a royal flush. The player is paid out according to the hand they are holding after the second set of cards has been dealt. If the player bets the maximum bet on the hand, the payouts are much larger.

Video Poker Variations

JackpotCity proudly offers players a wide variety of different Video poker games. Jacks or Better is the most popular and in this game players can choose from single deck poker or multi deck poker. Players can also choose to play a single hand poker or multi hand poker where you can play up to 5 hands against the dealer at the same time.

Other versions of the game include Deuces Wild or Jokers Wild (Joker Poker). In Deuces Wild, the number 2 is wild and can be used to substitute for any other card in the deck in order to create a winning combination. In Joker Poker, the Joker is wild and plays the same role. In these games, the minimum winning hand is increased to a pair of kings or better because of the wild cards in play.

For thrilling Video Poker action and entertainment at its best, sign up at JackpotCity and enjoy playing!

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